Based in New York City, 21C Media Group – hailed as a “cutting edge agency” by the New York Times – specializes in publicity, advocacy, imaging, and consulting in music, culture, and the performing arts. Drawn from diverse backgrounds that include recording, publishing, promotion, and artist management, our team offers a broad range of expertise in digital media, creative storytelling, and strategic career building. Our mission is to help artists and organizations embrace and harness the technological and cultural opportunities afforded by the 21st century. By developing and shaping their owned and earned media – across platforms ranging from the traditional to the new – we ensure that our clients thrive in today’s ever-changing media landscape.

21C boasts a top-flight global client roster that encompasses leading performing artists and organizations, prominent Fortune 500 companies, and world-renowned nonprofits. As we guide our clients on their respective journeys – helping them to tell their stories, hone their projects, heighten their profiles, and engage their fans and audiences across multiple media platforms – we rely not only on our own dedicated team but also on our place and standing in the cultural community. Underpinning the company’s success is a network of strong relationships, built over many years; as well as knowing and having access to the world’s leading musicians and ensembles, 21C maintains a close rapport with an array of industry leaders in music, media, and the performing arts. We enjoy the confidence of programmers, presenters, artist managers, senior journalists and broadcasters, and other tastemakers, trendsetters, and influencers in our cultural sphere. Also drawing from beyond the expert resources of our own team, we have assembled an enviable group of close and trusted collaborators to supplement our creative efforts on our clients’ behalf: they include designers and developers, photographers and videographers, and other creative minds in the digital content and marketing fields.

21C also offers consulting services – on a long-term, short-term, or single-session basis – to artists and organizations looking to enhance their image and visibility, and heighten their creativity. To guide corporations, government, and other professional organizations in their support of and involvement in the arts, we facilitate strategic partnerships between the corporate and artistic communities, as well as advising on customized performing arts-based marketing initiatives.

Ideally equipped to reach, engage, and appeal to today’s sophisticated audiences and influencers, 21C Media Group helps artists and organizations decide what’s next and most important on their chosen paths – and then we take them there, harnessing their strengths, narratives, and passions along the way.