We help our clients tell their stories, hone their projects, heighten their profiles, and engage their fans and audiences, creating cultural and technological opportunities in an ever-evolving media landscape.


Branding and imaging
Owned content creation
Advocacy: media and industry
Strategic partnerships and cross-promotions
Fashion, photography, and styling

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Digital Media

Web development
Social media
E-mail marketing
Content design and production
Design strategy
Online advertising

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Artistic planning
Career development
Organization strategy
Special events
Fundraising and sponsorship

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29 May

RT @YoYo_Ma: So excited to join @TaikaWaititi for EP7 of 'James and the Giant Peach with #TaikaAndFriends' to raise money for @PIH. Watc…

29 May

Yesterday, our very own @jujubee614 took part in a panel for @Global_LP. Check them out for more info and resources…

27 May

“Telling ourselves that we are well because relatively speaking we are physically healthy, and maintaining a strong…

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