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naïve serves up 15 vintage recordings in November 2009

Yiddish Rhapsody
Sirba Octet
Isabelle Georges
Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn/Fayçal Karoui
AM 191
CD available November 17 from ambroisie/naive

Yiddish Rhapsody is the fruit of an improbable encounter between a group of classical musicians who play Yiddish music (Sirba Octet), a singer with a passion for musical comedy and jazz (Isabelle Georges), and a symphony orchestra (the Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn, conducted by Fayçal Karoui). This highly unusual but delightfully inspired trio invites you on a journey into the heart of Yiddish melody. Poetic, tender, poignant, amusing, the melodies are a bridge between present and past, a tremendous hymn to life.

Track list
1. Kolomishka
2. Oy, vyokh tyokh-tyokh
3. Misirlou
4. Yingele nit veyn
5. L’khaim
6. Momele
7. Mayn libe tokhter
8. Dona, Dona
9. Yiddish charleston
10. Amol iz geveyn a mayse
11. Belz
12. Bay mir bistu sheyn

“Les Grands Millésimes”
15 limited edition 2CD sets with books
available November 17 from naïve

 With its “Les Grands Millésimes” (The Great Vintages) limited-edition series, the Paris-based naïve label serves up 15 of its most acclaimed recordings in gorgeously designed packages.  Each title contains a double album packaged with a book.  The repertoire covers a wide spectrum, from Bach and other Baroque masters to avant-garde composers such as Boulez and Xenakis.  These are naïve’s very best recordings: award-winners capturing superb artists at their most inspired.

Information about each title follows.

#1   Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations & Concertos 
Pierre Hantaï
NC 40002 
CD 1 
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):  Goldberg Variations
Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord 
CD 2 
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):  Concerto for harpsichord and strings in D major BWV 1054; Prelude and Fuga in B major BWV 892; Concerto for harpsichord and strings in D minor BWV 1052; Prelude and Fuga in F major BWV 880; Triple Concerto for flute, violin, and harpsichord BWV 1044
Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord & conductor
Le Concert Français
#2   Johann Sebastian Bach:  Lute Works
Hopkinson Smith, thirteen course baroque lute
NC 40003
CD 1 
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):  Suite for lute BWV 995; Praeludio con la suite da Gio.Bast Bach; Aufs Lauten-Werk BWV 996; Prelude for the lute or cembalo BWV 998
CD 2 
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Partita al liuto BWV 997; Partita BWV 1006a; Prelude in C moll for lute BWV 999; Fuga del Signore Bach BWV 1000
#3   Ludwig Van Beethoven: String Quartets Nos. 6, 7 ,11 & 14
Végh Quartet
NC 40004
CD 1 
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): String Quartet No.6 in B flat major op.18/VI 1800; String Quartet No.7 in F major op.59/l, ‘Razumovsky’ 1806
CD 2 
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827); String Quartet No.11 in F minor op.95, ‘Quartetto serioso’ 1810; String Quartet No.14 in C sharp minor op.131 1826
#4   Luigi Boccherini:  Piano Quintets
Quatuor Mosaïques, Patrick Cohen
NC 40012
CD 1 
Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805): Piano Quintets op 56 (1797): No.1 in E minor, G407; No.2 in F major, G408; No.5 in D major, G411
CD 2 
Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805): Piano Quintets op 57 (1797):  No.2 in B flat major, G 414; No.3 in E minor, G 415; No.6 in C major, G 418
#5   Pierre Boulez:  Piano Sonatas; Rituel, Notations; Figures-doubles-prismes
Claude Helffer/Orchestre National de Lyon, David Robertson
NC 40005
CD 1 
Pierre Boulez (*1925):  Première Sonate for the piano; Deuxième Sonate for the piano 
Troisième Sonate for the piano 
Claude Helffer  piano
CD 2 
Pierre Boulez (*1925): Rituel in memoriam Bruno Maderna for orchestra in eight groups (1974-1975)
Notations I, Notations II, Notations III, Notations IV for large orchestra (1980), Notations VII for orchestra  (1998); Figures-Doubles-Prismes for large orchestra (1998)
Orchestre National de Lyon, David Robertson
#6   Chopin: Preludes opus 28, Sonata No.2 opus 35; Etudes opus 25
Grigory Sokolov, piano
NC 40007
CD 1 
Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849): 24 Preludes op.28 (1838-1839)
CD 2 
Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849): Sonata No.2 in B flat minor op.35 (1839); 12 Etudes op.25 (1832-1836)
#7   D’Helfer: Requiem
Desprez: Messe de l’homme armé
A Sei Voci
NC 40009
CD 1 
Charles d’Helfer (1664?-?): Requiem, messe de funérailles des ducs de Lorraine; Musical reconstitution of the funerals of the dukes of Lorraine Charles III (1608) and Henri II 
A Sei Voci; La Psalette de Lorraine; Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse; Bernard Fabre-Garrus, dir. 
CD 2 
Josquin Desprez (1450-1521): Messes “L’Homme armé”; Missa ‘l’omme armé’ (sexti toni); Missa ‘ l’omme armé’ super voces musicales
A Sei Voci; Maîtrise des Pays de Loire; Bernard Fabre-Garrus, dir.
#8   Roussel:  Piano Quintet, String Quartet; Hahn: Concertos
Alexandre Tharaud; Jean-Guihen Queyras; Quatuor Parisii
NC 40013
CD 1 
Reynaldo Hahn (1874-1947):  Piano Quintet in F sharp minor; String Quartet in A minor; String Quartet in F major
Alexandre Tharaud, piano; Quatuor Parisii
CD 2 
Albert Roussel (1869-1937):  Concerto for small orchestra op.34; Concerto for piano and orchestra op.36; Petite suite for orchestra op.39; Concertino for cello and orchestra op.57 
Alexandre Tharaud piano; Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello; Ensemble Orchestral de Paris/David Stern
#9   Haydn: The seven last words; Dvorak: Stabat Mater
accentus/Laurence Equilbey, dir.
NC 40015

CD 1
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809): The Seven Last Words of our Saviour on the Cross, Hob.XX:2
Sandrine Piau, soprano; Ruth Sandhoff, mezzo-soprano; Robert Getchell, tenor; Harry Van Der Kamp, bass; Akademie für alte musik Berlin; accentus; Laurence Equilbey, conductor

CD 2 
Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904):  Stabat Mater (original 1876 version for soloists, chorus and piano, edited from the composer’s manuscript by Miroslav Smka and published by Edition Barenreiter Praha
Alexandra Coku, soprano; Renata Popupic, alto; Pavol Breslik, tenor; Markus Butter, bass; Brigitte Engerer, piano; accentus; Laurence Equilbey, conductor

#10   Marenzio:  Madrigals
Concerto Italiano/Rinaldo Alessandrini
NC 40010

CD 1 
Luca Marenzio (1553-1599): Madrigali a quattro voci 
CD 2 
Luca Marenzio (1553-1599): Madrigali Libro I – Libro IX

#11   Mozart: Gran partita; Le nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, Cosi fan tutte: arrangements  
Zefiro/ Alfredo Bernardini  
NC 40006 

CD 1 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Serenade in B flat major, ‘Gran Partita’ K361/370a 
Divertimento in E flat major K166
CD 2 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Le nozze di Figaro K492
Don Giovanni K527     
Cosi fan tutte K588     

#12   Schumann, Saint-Saëns, Lalo, Fauré: Cello Concertos & Elégie  
Anne Gastinel, cello 
NC 40008

CD 1 
Robert Schumann (1810-1856): Concerto for cello and orchestra in A minor op.129; Fantasiestücke op.73     
Five pieces in folk-style op.102; Adagio & Allegro in A flat major op.70 
Anne Gastinel, cello; Claire Désert, piano; Orchestre Philarmonique de Liège/Louis Langrée

CD 2 
Camille Sant-Saëns (1835-1921): Concerto for cello and orchestra no.1 in A minor op.33; Edouard Lalo (1823-1892): Concerto for cello and orchestra in D major; Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924): Elegy in C minor op.24 
Anne Gastinel, cello; Orchestre National de Lyon/Emmanuel Krivine

#13   Vivaldi:  Concertos
Fabio Biondi/Europa Galante
NC 40014

CD 1 
Antonio Vivaldi  (1678-1741): Concerto per violin in C minor  RV761; Concerto per archi in D minor  RV129; Concerto per 2 violini in G minor  RV517; Concerto per violino e violoncello in B flat major  RV547; Concerto per violin in C minor  RV202; Sonata a 4 ‘ Al Santo Sepolcro’  RV130; Sinfonia ‘ Al Santo Sepolcro’   RV169
CD 2 
Antonio Vivaldi  (1678-1741): Concerto for violin in E minor RV281; Concerto for chords in E minor  RV133; Concerto for cello in D minor  RV407; Concerto for violin and organ in D minor  RV541; Concerto for violin for violin in F major  RV286; Concerto for two violins in D major  RV511; Concerto for two cellos in G minor   RV531

#14   Xenakis: Chamber Music
Arditti String Quartet; Claude Helffer, piano
NC 40016

CD 1 
Yannis Xenakis (1922-2001); Tetras for string quartet (1983); Mists for solo piano (1980)
Kottos for solo cello (1977); Herma for piano solo (1960-1961); Embellie for solo viola (1981); A R.(Hommage to Ravel) for solo piano (1987); Mikka for solo violin (1971); Mikka “S” for solo violin (1976); Akea for piano quintet (1986)

CD 2 
Yannis Xenakis (1922-2001): Dikhtas for violin and piano (1979); Tetora for string quartet (1990); Nomos Alpha for solo cello (1966); Ikhoor for string trio (1978); Evryali for solo piano (1973);  ST/4-1, 080262 for string quartet (1955-1962)

#15   Troubadours & trouvères   

Richard Cœur de Lion; De Coincy: Les Miracles de Nostre-Dame
Alla Francesca/ Pierre Hamon
NC 40011

CD 1 
Gautier de Coincy (1178-1236): Les Miracles de Nostre-Dame
CD 2 
Anonymous:  Richard Cœur de Lion; Lais, chansons & rondeaux


Fazil Say:  Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven
V 5210
Specially-priced 3CD set available November 17 from naive

Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say has earned a reputation for being an artist of fierce independence and compelling originality.  In his own works he has fused Turkish and western elements to evocative effect, documented most recently in his 1001 Nights in a Harem release for naïve.  But it’s with his performances of the standard repertoire that Say has perhaps stirred up the most enthusiasm – and controversy, especially in the works of Bach and the great Viennese masters.  Say’s captivating approach to the latter is showcased in a new boxed set, available in a special 3-for-the-price-of-1 CD collection, featuring his three classical-era recordings for naïve.   Disc 1 features Mozart’s Piano Concertos Nos. 12, 21 and 23.  Disc 2 features Haydn’s Piano Sonatas Nos. 37, 43, 35, 31 and 10.  And Disc 3 features Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas No. 23, “Appasionata”, No. 21, “Waldstein”, and No. 17, “Tempest”.  Reviewing the Beethoven album on its original release, the Buffalo News reported, “Turkish pianist Say follows his own rules and his own style.  He’s never boring, and he throws himself here into three take-no-prisoners Beethoven Sonatas, the haunting ‘Appasionata,’ the sprawling ‘Waldstein,’ and the ‘Tempest.’  His approach is explosive, high-wattage, young.”


naïve named Label of the Year
naïve will be honored at the MIDEM Classical Awards 2010 ceremony on January 26th, in the Palais des Festivals, Cannes.  A statement from the MIDEM committee read: “ By electing naïve as ‘Label of the Year’, the Jury has acknowledged the energy deployed by the label in the music industry and its capacity to explore a large and rare catalogue including a range of first-choice artists.”


critical acclaim for recent naïve recordings

Between Heaven and Earth – sacred music by Handel
Sandrine Piau, soprano
Accademia Bizantina / Stefano Montanari
OP 30484
Released September 2009 on naïve

“Sandrine Piau, a French soprano of fierce musical intelligence, already has a New York following based on her illustrious, varied recording ventures and her impressive but infrequent local appearances in Baroque music and opera … [Her] latest disc…finds her once again in one of her fields of mastery:  the music of Handel, in which she’s joined by the very stylish Accademia Bizantina under Stefano Montanari. … The vocal selections derive from Handel’s brilliant oratorios, ranging from the most familiar (Messiah, from which we hear an exhilarating ‘Rejoice Greatly’) to genuine rarities like Joseph and His Brethren (1744) and Alexander Balus (1746), both of which furnish singer and orchestra with beautiful, compelling material. Two stunning selections from early Italian oratorios bookend the English-language settings … A highly worthwhile CD.”  – Time Out New York

coming in January 2010 

Laurence Equilbey leads the Accentus chamber choir in a collection of rarities by Richard Strauss; plus, Israeli pianist David Greilsammer plays Mozart’s Piano Concertos Nos. 22 and 24 with the Suedama Ensemble.


watch for these naïve artists on tour in the U.S.

Nov 23       Sonia Wieder-Atherton: launch event for naïve debut album, Chants d’Est
                 ([Le] Poisson Rouge, NYC)
Nov 23       Marie-Nicole Lemieux with San Francisco Symphony (Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA)
Nov 24       Lise de la Salle recital in Meany Hall (Seattle, WA)
Feb 21       David Greilsammer recital at Lincoln Center (Walter Reade Theater, NYC)


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